Print and/or sign on arrival by owner of the dog

It is known that there can be a variety of skin and hair coat care problems that may occur after a shave down of a dog particularly the double coated breeds.   Commonly known problems that may include but are not limited to Loss of hair growth “Coat Funk” the coat not growing back in the same texture and or colour prior to shaving.  Bald patches, hyper pigmentation of the skin, darkening of the skin where the coat has not grown back, sun burn, loss of guard hairs and the top layer of coat.  The coat regrowth can also grow in different directions.

In the knowledge that any and all of the above conditions may occur I hereby authorize Snuggles Dog Grooming to shave down my pet or into a specific breed trim or creative trim (e.g. lion cut)

I therefore agree to this waiver and will not hold Snuggles Dog Grooming responsible for any or all the above conditions occur on my dog.

In the case of signature by authorized other written consent must be received from the owner before any grooming takes place.

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