Dropping off: Please be on time.

If we have dogs arriving 15 minutes late, then this adds time onto our working day and impacts on to our clients, making our grooming sessions even longer than they should be.

Which may result in us having to rearrange your appointment to the next available, or just offering you an alternative service like an MOT or WASH and GO service instead. 
SO PLEASE be on time.




We are now going to be charging a fee due to excessive late pick ups.

Once we have notified you by message that your dog/s are ready you will need to pick them up in a timely manner please and within half an hour unless prearranged.
Over 1/2 an hour will result in a fee of £5 per half an hour.

Thank you for understanding and reading this notice.

Kind regards
Cindy and the Snuggles team xx

late pick up.jpg