We operate an open salon which means we do not have cages and all our clients dogs get to socialize, play after their grooms and have a lovely experience with us.  Therefore if your dog is NOT DOG FRIENDLY AND IS AGGRESSIVE then I'm afraid you will not to be able to join us here at Snuggles Dog Grooming.


Prices below are for a full grooming service and a guide only, Prices can vary for each individual dog depending on a number of things, such as regular grooming,   (4, 6, 8 weeks) and depending on the breed and size of dog.

We assume your dog is NOT AGGRESSIVE OR DISRUPTIVE is in good health and free from FLEAS, TICKS and WORMS.

With the ever increasing designer x breeds the prices will vary.  Example:  Bichon x Poodle Miniture size £45+ depending on size.

Please do not except bitches in season, pregnant and still nursing. You will need to rearrange your appointment.

HANDSTRIPPING:  is charged by the hour @ £40 and normally takes up to 1 and a half hours for a border terrier that is stripped on a regular basis.  This includes a bath and nails.  We offer a full hand-strip, clip and strip or strip and scissor service.  If your unclear of any of the hand stripping techniques please talk to a member of staff and they will be happy to discuss your requirements and talk you through the process.


We offer several different grooming sessions so please check them out to see which session meets your needs.

Prices below are for a full groom......

We also offer a yearly booking system which allows us not only to see your dog on a regular basis, building a loving relationship with them, but helps keep your dog in tip top condition, allows us to see any changes in your dog’s skin, coat and general health, which gives you piece of mind. 

We try our very best to style your dog the way you would like. This is not always possible if your dog comes in to us matted, skin allergies, hot spots, is nervous or dislikes the grooming process.  Its also  hard for any groomer to groom a dog that is aggressive, a dog that is hyper and will not keep still for us, but we will always be honest with you and try our very best here at Snuggles and let you know of any problems.

X- Large dogs are priced by the hour as some take less time to groom than others.

When your dog is groomed on a regular basis then your grooming times on average take 1 half hours for small to med dogs.  2 hours for large dogs and for very large dogs can take 3-4 hours depending on their breed.


Prices below depend on the weight/size, temperament and condition of their FUR/COAT. 

Example Bichon groomed every 4/6 weeks £45 those over weight and/or over grown Bichon £55


American bulldog £53-£63

Airedale £66-£76                           

Akita from £70-£80                    

Alaskan malamute £69-79

Basset Hound from £44-£77

Bernese £38 P/H

Bichon £45-£55 Pet trim

Border collie £45-£55

Border Terrier Clip £42-£52

Boston terrier £40-£50 

Boxer £42-52

British bull dog  £42-£52

Bull Terrier from £39-£49

Cavalier king charles £38-£48

Cavapoo/chon clip £42-£52

Cairn terrier clip £40-£52

Chow Chow from £68-78

Chorkie from £38-48

Chihuahua Short Coat £30-£35

Chiuahua long coat £35-£40

Crested Powder Puff  £41-£51

Clumber Spaniels £52-62

Cocker Spainiel £44-£54

American Cocker  £48-£58

Cockerpoo £46-£56

Corgi from £40-£50

Collie (smooth) from £45-£55

Collie (rough) from £65-£75

​Collie x breeds from £45-£55

Dachshund Short £38-£42

Dachshund Long £42-£52

Dalmatian  £45-£55

Deerhound £56-£66

Doberman  £44-£54

Dogue De Bordeaux £56-£66

Fox Terrier breed £45-£55

French bull dog  £39-£49

G/S/D Short  £53-£63

G/S/D Long  £63-£73

Golden Retriever  £53-£63

Golden doodle  £68-£78

Greyhound £38-£42

Havenesse £40-£52

Husky from £62-£72

Italian Greyhound £38-£42

Italian Spinone  £56-£66

Jack Russell  £36-£46

Kerry Blue from £48-£58

Labradoodle wire coat min poodle size from £43-£53

Labradoodle wool coat mini poodle size from £46-£56

Labradoodle wire coat standard poodle size £54-£64

Labradoodle wool coat standard size £68-£78

Lhasa Apso clip from £40-£52

Lhasa poo  £44-£54

Labrador £40-£50

Lakeland terrier from £44-£54

Leon Burger £59-£69

Lurcher from £40-£50

Maltese  £39-£49

Maltipoo  £42-£52

Mastiff  £52-£62

Newfoundland £40 P/H

Norfolk terrier  £40-£50

Norwich terrier £40-£50

Old English  £65£75 

Old English Full coat £45 P/H

Poodle Toy  £43-£53

Poodle Mini £48-£58

Poodle Standard £68-£78

Pomeranian from £38-£48

Port Water Dog  £51-£61

Pug from £36-£41

Puggle £38-£43

Ridgeback £40-£50

Rizla from  £42-£52

Rottweiler from £44-£54

Samoyed from £67-£77

Schnauzer from £42-£52

Schnauzer (giant) £67-£77 

Scottish terrier £44-£54

Shar- Pei from £44-£54

Shih Tzu clip  from £40-£50

Springer Spaniel £46-£56

Sproker  £46-£56

Spitz from  £42-£52

Staffordshire terrier £40-£50

St Bernard £40 P/H

Tibetan terrier from £48-£58

Irish Water Spaniel £49-£59

Weimaraner £44-£54

West highland terrier £44-£54

Wire Fox Terrier £44-£54

Welsh Terrier £44-£54

Yorkshire Terrier £38-£43

Yorkiepoo/chon  £40-£50