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Quality grooming by professional, fully qualified caring staff, using one of the best shampoos and conditioners on the market.


Prices below include Health checks, wash, dry, nails, pads, ears cleaned, hygiene areas and a tailored grooming style to fit you and your dogs lifestyle


Prices DO NOT include De-matting, Pre-clipping a badly matted coat or aggressive or reactive dogs.  Please see terms & conditions

I take great pride in my grooming and this shows in the quality of my grooms. 

Prices listed are for a full grooming service for dogs that are groomed on a regular basis 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks and 10-12 weeks depending on the breed and the coat condition. 

Discount applies for those that come in every 4 weeks for the larger breeds. Example GSD/Samoyed/standard doodles 5% discount

American Cocker        £50.50          Breed trim £65

Airedale Terrier           £65.50          Breed trim £75        

Basset Hound              £52.50

Beagle                          £46.50

Bearded Collie            £68.50          Breed trim £78

Bichon                          £50          Breed trim £65

Border collie                £49.50

Border Terrier Clip      £44.50

Boston terrier               £42.50

Boxer                             £45.50

British bull dog             £48.50

Bull Terrier                    £43.50

Cavalier                         £45               Breed trim £54

Cavapoo/chon              £45

Cairn terrier clip           £45

Cairnpoo/chon             £45

Chow Chow                  £78

Chorkie                         £42.50

Chihuahua Short Coat £37.50

Chiuahua long coat from £41.50

Crested Powder Puff from £44.50

Clumber Spaniels from £58.50

Cocker Spaniel Short clip/teddy £47.50 Breed trim £57.50

Cockerpoo from £49.50

Corgi from £44.50

Collie (smooth) from £48.50

Collie (rough) from £72.50

Collie x breeds from £49.50


Dachshund Short from £44.50

Dachshund Long from £48.50

Dalmatian from  £48.50

Deerhound from £64.50

Doberman  from £54.50

Fox Terrier Short clip £46.50 Breed trim £56.50

French bull dog from £43.50

G/S/D Short from £68;50

G/S/D Long from £75.50

Golden Retriever from £68.50 Tidy trim

Golden doodle from £78.50

Greyhound from £46.50

Havenesse from £45.50

Husky from £57.50

Italian Greyhound from  £42.50

Italian Spinone from £67.50

Jack Russell from  £42.50

Jackapoo/chon/dor £46.50

Kerry Blue  Short clip £49.50  Breed trim £69.50

Labradoodle mini  from £49.50

Labradoodle standard from £69.50

Lhasa Apso  short clip £44.50  Long coated £54.50

Lhasa poo from £46.50

Labrador from £43.50 - £46.50 depending on size.

Lakeland terrier Short clip £48.50  Breed trim £58.50

Lurcher from  £42.50

Maltese from £44.50 

Maltipoo from £46.50

Norfolk terrier from  £44.50

Norwich terrier from £44.50

Old English Sheep dog Short clip £68.50  Breed trim £80

Poodle Toy from £45.50  Short or Teddy trim

Poodle Mini from £48.50  Short or Teddy trim

Poodle Standard from £69.50  Short or Teddy trim

Pomeranian from £44.50

Port Water Dog from £56.50

Pug from £42.50

Puggle from £44.50

Ridgeback from £48.50

Rizla from £47.50

Rottweiler from £57.50

Samoyed from £75

Schnauzer min from £47.50 Teddy or Breed trim

Schnauzer Standard £57.50  Teddy or Breed trim

Schnauzer (giant) from  £76.50 Teddy or Breed trim

Scottish terrier from £46.50

Shar- Pei from from £48.50

Shih Tzu clip from £42.50 Short  long coated £54.50

Springer Spaniel from £49.50

Sproker  from £49.50

Spitz from £47.50

Staffy from £46.50

Tibetan terrier from £49.50 Short trim  Long coated £59.50

Irish Water Spaniel from £52.50

Weimaraner from £47.50

West highland terrier from £46.50

Wire Fox Terrier from  £46.50

Welsh Terrier from £46.50 Short/Teddy  Breed trim £56.50

Yorkshire Terrier from £42.50 Short/Teddy trim

Long  coated £49.50

Yorkiepoo/chon from £44.50 Short/Teddy trim

Long coated £49.50

Not everyone that has the same breed will necessarily have the same price as this depends on many factors like the condition of the coat, how many weeks in between grooms, size of your dog  and their temperament.

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