The following Terms and Conditions have been put into place after much consideration.

Please give at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment.  Less than 24hrs notice will incur charges.  To cancel your appointment please make sure you contact us no later than 5pm normal working hours. We are closed Sunday’s and Monday’s so please contact us during business opening hours or notify us on the works mobile. This is very important to us, and allows prompt rearrangement of our schedule.  We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances do happen i.e. hospital appointment, emergency visit to the vets. 

TEXT REMINDERS  We send out reminders of your appointment at the close of business on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.  However, should you not receive this reminder it is still your responsibility to let us know that you would like to re-arrange or cancel your appointment.  Please remember to give us up to date mobile phone numbers on booking your appointment to allow us to provide this service.
NO SHOWS. No Shows will incur the full grooming price to be paid before any future appointments can be made. Same day cancellations will also be charged at full grooming price.   If we see that you have no showed twice with no contact made in a short period of time you may be asked to leave a deposit for any future grooms and will be asked to pay for your normal grooming price in full for your missed appointments.


DE-MATTING We allow a certain amount of time to groom particular breeds of dogs normal grooming times are between an hour,  and an hour and a half for full grooms. Large dogs take between an hour and a half to two hours.  If we have to spend more than the stated times because your dog is matted but we feel we can get them out then we will but for every 15 mins extra time we spend doing this we do charge £5.
LATE ARRIVALS If you ARRIVE at the salon 15 minutes late of your pets scheduled appointment your appointment may have to be rearranged or provide an alternative groom (bath + dry).   This time may also have been allocated to another pet. If contact hasn’t been made you will forfeit your time-slot and deposit made on day of the booking. The health and welfare of your pet is of utmost importance to us.  Therefore, we believe that you will understand and appreciate these terms and conditions. We would be most grateful for your cooperation in this new transition.   Should you feel that these new rules may affect you, you are more than welcome to speak to a member of staff.
You have had your dog groomed with us and get home and realize actually I should have asked for this or that. No problem we have forms available in reception for just this situation, that you can take home and write down exactly what it is you are wanting next time.  If you want something changed like the length of the ears or tail shorter, please just give us a ring within 48 hrs and we will be happy to trim them shorter for you.  

ACCIDENTS do happen especially if your dog is matted, fidgety or has aggressive tendances towards being groomed we will always advise you of this at the time of pick up.  If you notice anything within 48 hrs of being at home and your dog is showing signs of discomfort please give us a ring to let us know and if a vet visit is in order then please supply us with a vet’s note within again 48 hours.  

REFUNDS You will NOT be offered a refund of any sort for the groom because we have already taken the time and effort to groom your dog.  Alternatives are available if you are really not happy with the groom, but again come back in within 48 hrs and we will make changes where we can for you. Wanting your dog trimmed a lot shorter all over has to be done on the next groom.  We have a length chart in the salon to enable clients to see the desired length and you will be asked if you are a new client, which length you are looking for.  
Your grooming prices will vary depending on how often your dog is groomed, temperament and what style and length of the coat you are looking at having.   Breed standard scissoring your dog all over takes a lot more time and skill and will be charged accordingly.

This information will be given out to every client that visits us here at Snuggles.
Thank you for your understanding. Snuggles Team.

Signed by owner of the dog that you agree with our terms and conditions.